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Facebook Pages for Business

with Marci Gaglione


April 9th to 10th, 2024

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This two-session class teaches participants how to create their first Facebook Page for a business, nonprofits, or cause. We also go over inviting friends to like your page, producing content, and page management to have a successful page on Facebook.

Please visit this link to register with our partner,  the National Digital Equity Center 

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College/Career Transitions

with Morgan Witham

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Ready to explore your options, make goals, and meet them?

Adult Ed offers free college and career transition prep- helping students to become college ready by building up their reading, writing, math and study skills. We also help students navigate the entire process of finding & applying to programs, as well as applying for financial aid and scholarships. 

If you aren't seeking to go back to school, but are looking for a career change, Adult Ed can also help with career counseling, and job searches- offering free support as you research, apply for, and transition to a new area of the job market. 

If you click to register, Morgan will reach out to you to set up a time to have an individual informational meeting.  

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Introduction to MS Excel

with Nicole Moran


March 6th to 8th, 2024

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Learn about the basics of Microsoft Excel. In this class we will learn about data entry, cell formatting, and the basics of Formulas.

It is handy if you bring a device with MS Excel, so you can do as you learn, but it is not required; you can attend this class lecture-style and take notes. 

This class is offered through our partner, the National Digital Equity Center.

Please use our page on their site to reserve your spot!


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